The following is in response the lies and misinformation given to the Columbian by Chairman David Gellatly.

david lies

The lies and misinformation from Chairman David ‘Dilatory’ Gellatly in the Columbian blog post, dated 7/20/2017, only further implicate him as being unfit for the office and that he should be removed from the Chairmanship immediately. It is important to be factually accurate, something David is incapable of doing. We, however, can be,

The Columbian blogger incorrectly characterized the board actions of 9/2/2017 as a “coup attempt”. Further, David’s responses to the reporter echo that same mischaracterization. Here is the resolution language put forth by the board at that special meeting:

“WHEREAS, the CCRP bylaws Article VI – Section 2(a) authorizes the board to call the CCRCC to remove the Chairman for reasonable cause; and,

WHEREAS, the Chairman has been accused to have a clear pattern of misuse of Party funds; now, therefore, be it:

RESOLVED: that the CCRP Executive Board calls upon the CCRCC to vote on the removal of David Gellatly from the Chairman position.”

As you can clearly see, the board was simply trying to pass a resolution that would put the question of David’s removal to the body of the PCO’s at a Central Committee meeting. This is what a grassroots, bottom-up organization does—it puts the power in the hands of those to whom it belongs—the body.

David, knowing full well that the resolution would pass by a 2/3’rds majority decided to do two things in order to ensure the vote would fail:

  1. He contacted Clyde Holland, the 20th LD Director and asked him to be at the meeting and vote against the resolution. Clyde Holland, who was elected to the LD Director position by a grand total of one  PCO vote (1-0). Clyde Holland, who up until this special meeting had never attended a single board meeting.
  2. He contacted Leslie Maharry, the former vice-chairman of the party who had resigned almost a month before. Leslie Maharry, who David himself had already set a date for and sent information out to all of the PCO’s of a special Central Committee meeting for the sole purpose of electing a replacement.

Had it not been for those two showing up and blindly supporting this abusive and manipulative Chairman, the vote would have been 7-2 in favor of the resolution with one of those 2 nay votes being David himself.

Any reasonable person must ask themselves, why would David not want to have this issue brought before the body of PCO’s? What does he have to hide?

And that leads us to his response in the Columbian blog article. There are a couple of key things to highlight in that response:

He continually uses the keywords/phrases “extremists”, “minority”, and “small number” when referring to those vocally and actively pursuing his removal as Chairman. How does he know how many people are actually behind the movement to remove him? Is anyone that is disgusted with his behavior in social media and his actions with regards to the LDD an “extremist”? If you are a Republican in Clark County and you’re unhappy with the way he has abused the finances of the party, does that make you an “extremist”? If you are a PCO who is angry at the way he and his cohorts stormed out of the regularly scheduled board meeting on 9/6/2017 for the sole purpose of breaking quorum, does that make you an “extremist”?

But David doesn’t stop there. He goes on to say “the attack is solely due to extremists wanting control over our party”. Is David referring to the same “extremists” that gained control of the party in 2012? Is he referring to the same “extremists” that passed the Core Principles with a super majority vote of the Central Committee? Is he referring to the same “extremists” that completely rewrote the party by-laws to ensure the power of the party rested with the PCO’s and not the board and/or Chairman? Or perhaps he’s referring to the same “extremists” who prior to his mismanagement had held several successful LDD’s bringing in at one $40,000 compared to the $15,000 in his Tomi Lahren fiasco. Still, maybe he is simply referring to the same “extremists” who were able to secure enough monthly donors to lease an office space for years while in his short tenure has seen those donors all but flee and the party being less than two months from complete financial insolvency?

But don’t take all of this from these “very few people looking to cause disruption and spread lies”. Contact a board member. Ask them to share the facts laid out so plainly against David. Ask the party Treasurer to show you the books as is your right under the RCW’s.

Stop complaining about the ‘optics’ of all this and crying about how all this infighting is making the democrats stronger. Instead, start asking why so many are willing to go to these measures? Start looking at the real problem, David ‘Dilatory’ Gellatly. When you do, you’ll be joining a much, much larger movement of concerned Republican voters and PCO’s than David would have you believe.

David likes to say, as he did in his response to the Columbian reporter “The purpose of the Clark County Republican Party is to elect Republicans to office.” Unfortunately, this is just another example of how David abuses his position as Chairman. The truth is that at the same Central Committee meeting in which he ran unopposed and won, these so-called “extremists” changed the bylaws to include the will of the body in terms of what the purpose of the party truly is: ‘The purpose of the Clark County Republican Party is to elect Republicans who support our Core Principles and Party Platform to public office’.

We, the so-called “few extremists”, would love nothing more than to get back to that purpose and we will all be happy to do so once David is removed or resigns.