OH MY GOD! REPUBLICANS AT A POLITICAL MEETING CARRYING GUNS! (or, “How State Committeeman Joel Mattila (Butters) should turn in his man card AND his TRUMP card and go snivel with the progressive Democrats”)

Maybe our Clark County Republican Party State committeeman, Joel Mattila (“Butters”), should stop going to Republican Party central committee meetings?
After all, we know there are a lot of guns there!

In fact, “Butters” Mattila should probably stop hanging out with Republicans altogether if he’s afraid of Conservatives,  Conservative Republicans with guns, and afraid of people exercising their rights protected by the  Second Amendment…

I made an appointment per state law to view the books of the Political Action Committee “Clark Leadership”. Joel “Butters” Mattila and David “Dilatory” Gellatly are the members of that PAC. Under Washington State law, all political committees must make their financial records viewable to the public by appointment. In fact, all political committees must make regular monthly reports of all their income and expenses, which are publicly viewable at the PDC website. Clark Leadership PAC and it’s members have never bothered to file these legally required reports.

I have evidence that leads me to believe money from the Clark County Republican Party was used without authorization to host fund raisers for Clark Leadership – which in my opinion as a member of the Clark County Republican Party should have been directed to the Clark County Republican Party, and not their PAC.  Here is an ad for the event paid for by the Clark County Republican Party:

In defense of the lawsuit Gellatly has filed against me for “defamation,” my attorney and I issued a subpoena to get the bank records of Clark Leadership PAC from Columbia Credit Union. Gellatly’s attorney tried to get that subpeona quashed. Gellatly and Mattila and their attorney are going to extreme lengths to hide the actual facts of ther financial records of their PAC.

Thankfully, that motion to quash was denied by the Judge in the case. I and my attorney WILL be getting the records they are trying so hard to hide. 😉

Following is the sequence of events that transpired when they were supposed to show myself and others the records of their PAC.

I showed up at CCRP HQ a little before 7 PM on August 6th.
Gellatly never responded to my request to change the meeting time to 7, so I just figured to show up at 7.
I was met there by:
Kevin Vangelder
Dan Clark
Kalup Veneman
Robert Moon

We were standing outside waiting in front of HQ.
Kevin Vangelder is an Open-carry activist. He always carries his pistol, openly, everywhere. It was in a secure police-type holster the entire time.

I’m almost certain Mattila has been around Kevin, while Kevin has been armed, in the past, and it never bothered him before. Mattila has certainly been at Central committee meetings where a considerable number of Republicans in attendance have been visibly and openly armed in addition to carrying concealed arms – which was apparently never a problem for him.

None of the rest of us were armed in any way.

Kevin kept his pistol in his holster the entire time, and never touched it – you know, like our friend Kevin always does in polite society.

Gellatly and Mattila arrived a few minutes after 7.

They remained in Gellatly’s truck in the parking lot for approximately 20 minutes without talking to us. It appeared like they may have made a phone call to someone while in the truck. During this time they were laughing and taking pictures of us and the papers they later gave to me.

It turns out that was when Mattila was calling 911. Listen to Butters whine in this 911 call audio:


Considering it was most likely David Gellatly who wanted to use a 911 call as cover for not disclosing their PAC’s books, it was nice that he had a “team player” like Joel “Butters” Mattila to take one for the team…


After about 20 minutes, Gellatly drove his truck up to us, arms length away from me, and stuck his arm out of his window with the papers.

He Asked me with a smile on his face, “Do you want these?”
Joel “Butters” Mattila was laughing and smiling also.

I asked if they were about his PAC.

Gellatly’s response was to ask again the same question – “Do you want these?”
I asked if they were the bank records or books of his PAC.

He asked again, “Do you want these?”
I took the papers.

David and Mattila laughed and drove off.

Below is the video made by Dan Clark. It’s long because that’s how long it took for them to explain to the 911 dispatcher how “scared” they were – but not too scared to drive up to me and hand me their nonsense papers.

After this they drove to a nearby parking lot, turned around, and drove past us on Covington Avenue, about 30 feet away, window down, laughing and smirking at us. Unfortunately that was not expected so it was never caught on video, but you can ask the other witnesses for their verification.

They repeated this, driving by us 3 or 4 times over about a 15 minute period, each time hooting and laughing and waving at us.

All of which is not the behavior of someone in actual fear of their safety; not someone genuinely expressing real feelings of his real fear to the dispatchers at the 911 call center.

Instead – laughing, hooting, hollering, and waving while repeatedly driving by.
Yeah – That’s a strange way to show fear.

We who were there for the appointment to see their PAC’s books decided to stay until 8:30, which we did, because we considered Gellatly may come back at 8, the time he chose for the meeting, in order to claim that we weren’t there so that’s why he didn’t produce the books.

Gellatly and Mattila never came by again and we left at 8:30 or so.

Apparently “Butters” Mattila called 911 during that time we saw him on his phone in the parking lot, but no deputy ever showed up, though a patrol vehicle did drive by at one point long after the Snivel Twins™ had left, but the patrol officer never paid any attention to us.

At no time did Mattila or his apparent consort appear to act afraid or concerned for their safety. Rather they appeared to be enjoying themselves with smiles and laughs. This seemed sophomorically comical to them.

Both Kevin Vangelder and Dan Clark were video recording what transpired. It looked like Mattila and Gellatly were also taking photos and or video of us at points throughout the encounter.

And his claim of an attempted kidnapping as heard in the 911 call?
According to the Clark county Sheriff and Vancouver PD, no report was ever made of an attempted kidnapping of either of those two.

Clark County Sheriff letter no responsive records kidnapping

VPD Letter – No Responsive Records kidnapping
Isn’t making false statements to law enforcement a criminal act? I hope they aren’t making a knowingly false accusation that I was involved in any attempt to kidnap them, because that too is apparently a crime.

“Butters” Mattila really is a snowflake.
A whiny, liberal, crybaby snowflake.
He ought to turn in his TRUMP credentials and go snivel with the Democrats…

You really should read the PDC complaint I filed, which has all the full details on this event and their attempt to hide the truth of their PAC’s financial records: Clark Leadership PAC complaint all documents

And the 911 dispatch call form:

911 call Clark Leadership


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